Member News and Happenings

October 2015   HEIDI LITTLE Heidi Little is hosting the "First Friday Creative Women's Gathering" at the Arts Collaborative, 5 Winona Road in Meredith. The next one is scheduled for Friday, October 2, 2015 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and is "Self-Care, Priorities and Peace..." The importance and necessity of protecting and nurturing ourselves by creating a multi media art project that reflects and reminds us of this truth is the focus of the … [Read more...]

Member News and Happenings

September 2015   CHARLENE DeCESARE Charlene DeCesare has been busy working with a number of small businesses in NH as a “Sales Firestarter” and has some exciting upcoming programs as well! She is running a three-part series called, “Taking the Stress Out of Social Media” on 9/25, 10/2, & 10/9. These sessions are perfect for anyone who has ever said, “I know I should be doing more on social media, BUT…” She is also co-hosting a … [Read more...]

Member News and Happening

August 2015   ANN FAFARD AND JAMIE WILLETT The Summer issue of Ann and Jamie's FrontBurner Mama magazine is available and includes: "Three Surprising Ways to Jump-Start Your Creativity" by our featured contributor, Beth Frede! "Be Your Own Creative Genius" "Summer Detox! Creative Ways to Enjoy a ‘Toxic Free’ Summer" and much much more! You can become a new free subscriber by heading to: DEBBIE … [Read more...]

Member News and Happenings

June 2015   DONNA TOBEY Donna Tobey is the featured speaker at an IPPW event on Wednesday, June 17th in Portsmouth. Imagine a life filled with possibilities! In fact, what if we created our own Palace filled with Possibilities? What would it look like? How many rooms would it have? What would it be made of? How high would it be? What foundation will you build upon?  As co-creators of our own lives, we have abilities to construct … [Read more...]

Member Spotlight on Jamie Willett

Jamie Willett is a long-time member of WIW and just someone you like to be around to take in all her positivity!  It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to this remarkable woman . . . Recently we had a little girl talk with Jamie and this is what she said: What do you do for a living? I am co-founder of and FrontBurnerMama Magazine. Why were you drawn to WIW? I truly enjoy hanging out with other business … [Read more...]

Member News and Happenings

May 2015   SUSAN FITZELL (Aim Hi Educational Programs) CHARLENE DECESARE (Charlene Ignites Coaching) Susan Fitzell and Charlene DeCesare are combining their talents to bring you a “Story Retreat” on June 10 & 11th at the Penny House Inn, Cape Cod. Do you want to have your own book in your hands and make money in your sleep? If you have always wanted to write a book, here’s your chance to reach your goal! During this two day … [Read more...]

Member News and Happenings

April 2015   Our members have so many cool things to share with you . . .   HEIDI LARAMIE Heidi's company, Baron's Major Brands Appliances, invites you to a Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce Meet and Greet on Wednesday, April 15th from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. at their 225 Daniel Webster Highway (Route 3), Belmont store. Baron’s is the Lakes Region’s premier family-owned appliance, TV and mattress store.  Known for providing products … [Read more...]

Member News and Happenings

March 2015 Our members have so much to celebrate and so many things to announce. CHERYL SNYDER Cheryl's company that brought you New Hampshire’s first mobile Glass Painting Party has expanded yet again! Drinkable Arts® will now be offering their signature glass painting fun at the first Drinkable Arts® Studio located at 100 Factory St, right in front of Clock Tower Apartments in Nashua. The BYOB studio will offer all 5 types of … [Read more...]

Member Spotlight on Carolyn Keddell

Carolyn Keddell is one of our earliest members and biggest cheerleaders. You will often see her hosting a large table of "new recruits" or serving as a WIW Ambassador greeting women when they arrive for events. She loves meeting new people and has an infectious personality - not to mention an endless enthusiasm for WIW.  It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to this remarkable woman . . . Recently we sat down for a little girl talk with … [Read more...]

Member Spotlight on Claire Moorehead

Claire Moorehead is one of our charter members having come to our kick-off celebration in May 2007. You will often see her tending to all sorts of details at our Inspiring Women in Business and NH Conference for Women events and over the years she has devoted hundreds of hours to lending a hand whenever one is needed. It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to this remarkable woman . . . Recently we sat down for a little girl talk with … [Read more...]