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What Does WIW Do?


Our fun 5th Anniversary celebration!


Always learning and enjoying one another.

Women Inspiring Women is an organization for women that hosts regular events and programs focused on personal and professional development, business success, motivation, inspiration, networking and socializing. Although WIW is a member-based organization, non-members are encouraged to attend, as well as to sign up for WIW’s e-newsletter and become part of its online community.


  • Provide a forum for personal and professional growth through networking and educational opportunities.
  • Encourage peer-to-peer support for women business owners and professionals in a diverse and positive atmosphere.
  • Unite women to share resources, provide inspiration, receive invaluable advice from women who have “been there” and celebrate triumphs.
  • Celebrate women by joining together at fun social events!
  • Be a catalyst for creative solutions that fosters ongoing success in life, career and in business.
  • Encourage mentoring opportunities for women to share strengths, talents and experiences.