It Wasn’t Just About The Game . . .

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My father was a huge football fan and growing up I was always annoyed that it is what was on our one TV every Sunday. As I have gotten older, I have come to really enjoy the New England Patriots and have an appreciation for all that they represent. It is not completely about the ball or the game. Yesterday’s Super Bowl actually left me teary eyed and here is why . . .

For just a few hours we put the ridiculous political bickering aside and focused on the game and the teams. On social media there were still some politicizing the whole thing with their anti-Trump comments / Robert Kraft / Tom Brady but those folks just showed that they are jerks in my opinion.

I have to say it again – we put politics aside. And it felt good. It felt really, really good. And refreshing. And optimistic.

There was a groundswell of pride from not only New Englanders but the country. Even if you were an Atlanta fan, you were proud of your team because they gave it all they had. It created a sense of community.

There were no riots, protesting, burning cars, ransacking businesses and looting after the game. The public celebrations were respectful because that is how New Englanders roll. Our peeps – the fans – have class. Why can’t political / social protesters behave like this? Why does everything have to become so incredibly nasty?

Speaking of class – Lady Gaga kept it respectful. Many are now criticizing her for not making a bold statement but instead she let her music do the talking and some of her lyrics expressed her feelings on social issues. There was no need for her to “diminish” that moment – an experience she had envisioned since she was 6. And shame on those who wanted her to be rude. She sets a beautiful example that if you dream it and work hard at it, anything is possible. All while being true to yourself. She oozes authenticity, even though most think she is odd.  She owns it.

Let’s talk about Tom Brady. He never once was disrespectful to the NFL Commissioner and he could have been. Tom always takes the high road. Seriously, have you ever seen Tom Brady not be professional? There is no denying his hard work to do his job well but he is the epitome of good sportsmanship. We can all learn from Tom for a plethora of reasons. During Deflategate, he fought for what he believed in, but he kept it respectful. He adores his family and always expresses his love for them. He has respect for his coaches and teammates and understands that no one gets to the top without some help. He goes the extra mile to be great – he puts in the hard work.

Yesterday was an example that you never give up. EVER.  Gaga didn’t give up on her dream. The teams gave it their all until it was over – they left it all on the field. The Patriots proved that when the going gets tough, you dig deep, push, push, push and do your job.

So why am I sharing all this? Because there were lessons left and right. Did you see and feel them? And I hope in our own small ways that we New Englanders can individually and collectively change the vibe going on in our country right now – let’s take the lessons, the pride, the sense of community, the optimism, the respect, the never-under-estimate us mindset, the commitment to hard work and to doing our jobs and living a life that is always on the high road – and channel our energies into something positive. As Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Even if you start with the tone of your social media posts and your conversations with others. Let’s turn this around and maybe just maybe the world will follow. Didn’t yesterday just feel so much better than we have felt in months? We can do this, people. Are you in?



Leslie Sturgeon is the founder of Women Inspiring Women and a lifelong entrepreneur. She embraces her imperfections while learning about herself and others, supporting the fabulous women in the WIW community, journeying through life with optimism, and laughing so hard she snorts or pees (sometimes both simultaneously).


  1. Beautiful post, Leslie! Never, ever give up, and for crayon’ out loud, keep things positive. Love it!

    • Leslie Sturgeon says:

      Not sure if you saw my other blog about rock, paper, scissors? I wrote this: “Trying to over-analyze ‘rock, paper, scissors’ will just drive you nuts and rob you of time you will never get back, right Lani Voivod?” Love you Lani Girl.

  2. Thank you, Leslie, I love your sentiments. The game left me teary eyed too but for a slightly different reason. I know the blood, sweat and tears it must have taken for Tom Brady & the Patriots to get to the top of their game. The intense focus, dedication, commitment, skill, perseverance, tenacity, competitive spirit and always keeping their eye on the prize! It doesn’t always go our way. There are many lessons that can be learned from yesterday’s Superbowl. This is very much the same way it is in business, if you look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Tony Robbins, every one of these folks had extreme adversity but overcame it. It wasn’t smooth sailing, it wasn’t easy street. It was true grit and perseverance. I think many times when folks start a business or embark on a new endeavor, they truly under-estimate how hard it is going to be to accomplish their goals. But “No one ever drowned in their own sweat!” Anything worth accomplishing is hard work, but the rewards are great.

  3. Karen Barker says:

    I want to point out that the vast majority of activists attending marches and protests are nonviolent. Please don’t lump everyone in with the small number who engage in vandalism, car burning, etc. Otherwise I like what you say esp about Brady’s behavior and the never-give up attitude of the team.

  4. Great Article Leslie. It was a great game. My husband grew up in Georgia and was routing for them, however it was an unbelievable comeback by the Patriots. It was a great testament to great coaching and teamwork. One can learn a lot about life from that game.

    • Leslie Sturgeon says:

      I was far from an athlete so never experienced coaching per se or any sort of competition but it intrigues me on so many levels.

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