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Women Inspiring Women brings super fabulous women together for empowerment, education, self-improvement, development and a whole lot of fun. Women from all over the State of New Hampshire (and even New England) attend programs in various locales to accomplish these and other goals and needs.

Enjoy a few of our most recent newsletters. If you aren’t on the list, sign-up now!


9/7/17 – She Said Yes!

5/22/17 – If you can dream it, you can do it!

4/5/17Does Networking Make You Sick To Your Stomach?

3/8/17 – So Much Awesomeness

2/9/17Oh how we love you Mother Nature

1/25/17 – Some Funny Things Happened on the Way to Being 50


11/9/16Whew, Glad That is Over!

9/26/16 – The Time Has Come for the NH Conference for Women

6/2/16 – Saying Goodbye to Our Cheerleader

4/6/16 – It’s Embarrassing – I Hid Under Tables

3/16/16We Have Soooo Missed You!

1/19/16We’re Back!


12/3/15 – ‘Tis the Season of Giving

11/5/15 – Let’s Be Honest

10/26/15 – Why Women Inspiring Women?

10/14/15 – You Snooze . . . You May Lose

9/16/15 – Sharing Some Thoughts

8/14/15 – Jack Canfield is Coming to NH

4/19/15Think You Are Too Old?

4/7/15Is Your Superwoman Cape Torn?

3/23/15Shakin’ Our Groove Thing

3/5/15 – We have so Much to Share

1/20/15 – Yippee – We Are Back!


11/24/14 – Thanks for the Memories!

10/28/14 – I Lie To Myself – Do You?

10/23/14 – So Much To Learn . . .

10/1/14Stop Saying You’re Fine

9/4/14Pajamas, Pampering and Schmoozing – Oh Yeah, Baby!

8/14/14In the Pink: Member Bulletin

7/30/14Oh, What a Journey!

6/16/14 – Sharing Some Advice

6/9/14Calling all Fabulous Women!

6/9/14In The Pink: Member Bulletin

4/15/14Journey to Self-Care

3/30/14Tired, Cranky and Overwhelmed?

3/18/14Being Raw and Vulnerable

2/21/14Mid-Winter Inspiration

2/10/14In the Pink: Member Bulletin

2/7/14 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

1/9/14We’re Back!


11/20/13 – Oodles of Gratitude

11/4/13 – Happy Dance!

10/29/13 – OMG, The Response is Overwhelming

9/2/13 – Jumping for Joy