Member News and Happenings – 5/17

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May 2017


Karen Kallie, RN, MACP, announces the release of her new book Fully Human, Fully Alive: Embodying the Wisdom of the Chakras. Karen is a nurse psychotherapist and human energy expert and explains the complexities of our energy system in clear, simple terms. She then invites you to tap into your own chakra wisdom to explore your full potential. You will be able to identify your unique energy strengths and weaknesses using a chakra assessment, and then address any imbalances with Karen’s detailed healing guidance and gentle chakra meditations. Join Karen’s many clients who have realized diminished resistance, accelerated change, mental discipline, enhanced clarity, improved intuition, expanded creativity, and deeper spirituality. You can, too! You hold all the wisdom you need … in your own body! The book can be purchased on Amazon in either Kindle or paperback.

Christine Cherian is pleased to announce the launch of her lifestyle coaching business – Newbold Coaching – where she takes her passion for always having a plan and empowers people to reach their full potential, especially those that are experiencing challenging transitions in life. She works with individuals who are frustrated, disappointed and overwhelmed by personal or career changes – and are unsure of where to start and how to take back control. Collaborate together to design what your measure of success looks like, navigate barriers or limiting beliefs, and chart a course to realize your goals.  WIW Members can visit or call 603-566-1734 to learn more and receive a 60-minute complimentary session.  *You must be a member of WIW, or directly referred by a member to receive this special complimentary session.

Colleen Suchecki is hosting “Your Next Leap” on Thursday, June 15, 2017 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. in Newburyport, MA. Registration is only $35 and this workshop is perfect for spiritually aware, conscious individuals looking to create a life they love with joy and ease. Click HERE to register.

A Note from Colleen:
You are SO ready to take your next leap in life. You have been playing it safe and small and it’s killing you inside. You know what you want but, you have let fear hold you back. Fear of what others think, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being good enough to deserve it. NO MORE! Or maybe, you have NO idea what you want, but you are ready and committed to finding that out now!

You may be looking to create a new job opportunity, a new income level in your business, a new house, a dream relationship, or your dream trip around the world!

You know that you are the creator of your reality, but something has been holding you back. You are SO ready to breakthrough it!

During this powerful, interactive, and engaging workshop you’ll learn what you REALLY want, the secrets behind manifesting it faster than you thought possible and the #1 mistake that will sabotage you every time.

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