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I’m not going to lie . . . this year kicked my butt in a big way. It started out on a high note with lofty goals and a road map to elevate Women Inspiring Women. Then bam – I needed surgery to remove my gallbladder. There were changes in my personal life with a relationship shake up (it’s all good now). And the biggest heartache of them all – my beloved Mom, my best friend and my rock, lost her battle with lung cancer somewhat unexpectedly (see blog post here). Planning a memorial celebration, making arrangements for her house and dog, overseeing her affairs . . . all are difficult but those ‘firsts’ are the ones that hurt deep within your soul.

This week’s NH Conference for Women is another one of those ‘firsts.” This is the first one without my Mom. And ironically it is the day after the 5th anniversary of my Dad’s death so always an emotional time for me. It is also the day before Mom’s birthday (another first). Back in 2011, just 12 hours after Dad passed, I opened the NH Conference for Women. On that day and every day since, I have been surrounded by the most amazing women who have wiped away the tears, held me up, dusted me off and provided immeasurable support and love. I will never, ever find the words to express my appreciation.

So why am I sharing all this? Because if you have yet to meet these women – the WIW family – then you absolutely must meet them (I am ‘talking’ like they aren’t reading this, tee hee). This Friday at the NH Conference for Women, they will be there. You will see first hand how a group of strangers will immediately become your family. The enthusiasm in the room is unique and so special . . . you will be surrounded by women who are all committed to their personal growth and each other. Does it seriously get any better?  This isn’t just a conference – this is a community. I want to meet you, I want you to meet my WIW family and I want us to share a special day together, filled with positivity and possibilities!

And if you are like me, you are going through something . . . we need each other. That’s what girlfriends do in good times and bad times. Come spend the day with those I affectionately call the Pink Posse. One day can and will make a difference! Did I mention that our motto is ‘hugs instead of handshakes?’ We like high fives, too. Will I see you then? xoxoxo


All the details for the NH Conference for Women are HERE.

Leslie Sturgeon is the founder of Women Inspiring Women and a lifelong entrepreneur. She embraces her imperfections while learning about herself and others, supporting the fabulous women in the WIW community, journeying through life with optimism, and laughing so hard she snorts or pees (sometimes both simultaneously). www.womeninspiring.com


  1. We love you Leslie!!!

  2. Heidi Lewis says:

    Wow Leslie. Next time please issue a “Tissue Alert”. I got choked up reading this and I’m at work, taking a quick break for lunch. I’m so excited about finally getting to attend my first “Women Inspiring Women” conference. Like Janet Leavitt told me, this conference is where all negativity and bad feelings are left at the door. I’m so looking forward to meeting you again and having a fantastic day.

    • Leslie Sturgeon says:

      Thank you for your kind note, Heidi. I can’t wait for you to experience WIW, so therapeutic and good for the soul. See you Friday. Hooray.

  3. Leslie, this is so beautiful and touching. AND, you HAVE created an amazing community of gifted, caring, talented women. You’ve also been a grounding force for me personally this year as the rug was pulled from under me and I went flying off into the ether like a lost balloon in a hurricane. You have a calming effect on me because no matter what you’re going through, you remain solid and rooted. I’m so happy for both of us that despite horrendous challenges, our lives are going in such positive direction. Thank you.

    • Leslie Sturgeon says:

      Oh Sharon – thank you for this beautiful note. Talking with you has been so therapeutic for me, too. And once again we have proven that you can’t keep a good woman (good women) down. oxoxoxo

  4. Blessings as you move through all life’s challenges and changes day by day. All best wishes for a splendid conference and joys unfolding in the year to follow.

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