7 Rules for Staying on Track

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Just read this blog post and it reall7 Rulesy hits home with me. I believe wholeheartedly in everything he said. What are your thoughts? Care to add any tips of your own? – Leslie Sturgeon, WIW Founder


7 Rules For Staying On Track

By Jason Drohn, Business Insiders

Distractions are everywhere.  No matter where we turn, it seems like someone (or something) is trying to bump us off our path.

Whether it’s the email we wake up to in our inbox, the ad that we see in our Facebook Newsfeed, or the weird looking, hand-addressed letter that we get in our mailbox.

In our world, as business owners and professionals, it’s absolutely imperative to stay on track regardless of what’s being put in front of us.

– See more at: http://businessinsiders.org/7-rules-for-staying-on-track/#sthash.A3RN2NPD.dpuf

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