Why Goal Setting and Resolutions Alone Don’t Work

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Goal SettingYes, I have talked a lot over the years about goal setting and resolutions. We have had speakers on these subjects at WIW events. Many of the women in our group coach individuals on goal setting. But hear me out before you get your panties in a bunch and call me a hypocrite . . .

As the saying goes, you would never head out on a road trip without a GPS or map so why should you venture out in life without a plan? You can pull out your journal and outline your goals and dreams. You can cut out images from a magazine and create a vision board to help you visualize the life you have always wanted. You can do positive affirmations and wait for the Universe to make it all come true. Those are all well and good (and important) but here is the problem . . . YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION. And you need to take a lot of action even when your enthusiasm is fading when you don’t see immediate results. In your career and business, you need to be willing to do what others won’t do and go the extra 10 miles to do it. Stop waiting for all these goals to become reality – they aren’t going to until you do it. Get your butt in gear.

We are all busy people and I can hear a lot of you already saying, “But Leslie I don’t have time. I will work on these goals when my schedule frees up.” So you want your cake and you want to eat it, too. You want these goals to be achieved, but you aren’t willing to carve out time to do it! You have less time in a day than I have, Mark Zuckerberg does, Oprah does and the person next door? That’s BS. We all have 24 hours in a day. It is how we choose to spend those 24 hours that make the difference. The power of focus, time management and productivity can be another blog post, but I will tell you that if it is important, you will find at least 15 minutes a day to pursue your goals. Stop the excuses.

It is as simple as identifying the goal, brain dumping the action steps needed and adding these tasks to your to do list. Again, 15 minutes a day. Think about it – can’t you plug away at the tasks needed to achieve your goal in 15 minutes? It isn’t rocket science!

While some may think what I am saying is harsh and bordering on rude, I am trying to make you realize that you must take action. I want nothing more than the women in the WIW community to have a fulfilling life and be happy. Plain and simple – just get ‘er done!


Leslie Sturgeon is an award-winning entrepreneur who is the Founder and Visionary of Women Inspiring Women. WIW is now recognized as the largest organization for women’s empowerment, personal development, business resources and networking in New Hampshire.


  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVED this post Leslie! That was such a strong message from Mel Robbins at the NH Conference for Women in November and I love the reminder. It is very easy to let the “tail wag the dog” and make excuses for not getting stuff done.

    When the kids were little and I felt overwhelmed with the messes all over the house, I used to set a time for 15 minutes to clean one room at a time. It was amazing how much I could get accomplished in that short period of time. It really worked wonders so I’m applying it to my business goals for this year. The added benefit is that it will help me track my time.

    Thanks for your continued support, guidance and encouragement!

    • Leslie Sturgeon says:

      Thank you, pal. Admittedly I didn’t hear that at the conference, but glad to know that Mel and I are in alignment. I do think that we over-complicate our lives sometimes, don’t you? Fifteen minutes is magical vs. thinking that we have to spend 4 hours doing a task in order for it to be done and perfect! Can’t wait to see your year unfold – your entrepreneurial journey is inspiring to me. xoxoxo

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