Jenn LeeBy Coach Jenn Lee

Can I tell you a secret? I’ve got a crush.

And it’s not my husband.

My crush is dominant, powerful, handsome, and smart as a whip. He’s a leader, firm and is without a doubt one-of-a-kind.

Nick Saban, the dynamic head coach of Alabama’s Crimson Tide is one of the most successful, and highest paid, coaches in the nation. With three National titles, four championships and countless wins under his belt, Saban is a perfectionist that has figured out how to get what he wants out of his players (told ya’ he was smart as a whip!).

Saban attributes his and his teams success to implementing what he is now famous for “The Process.” “The Process,” which demands sky-high standards, hard work and unfettered dedication, works not only on the football field, but in business as well and that makes my heart beat a little faster for the man in charge of the Crimson Tide (Roll Tide, Roll!).

Let’s chat about how you can apply “The Process” to your own business and start racking check marks in the WIN column.

“Get Your Mind Right.”

The motto that the entire Crimson Tide team, players and fans, chant before the game is “Get your mind right!” It’s a thunderous cry that rolls through the stadium and  will leave you with goose bumps. Applying this motto to your business will do the same. Are you mentally in the game everyday or distracted by outside concerns, gripping fear of inadequacy or worse…mediocrity? Getting your mind right means you are crazily committed to your game, bravely looking forward with no question of WHY you are there. Get Your Mind Right!

“Ignore the scoreboard!”

Saban is famous for many things, but his approach to making sure that each individual player focuses on their job and nothing else, motivates them to achieve personal greatness. It’s not about the down, the score or the win. His program teaches consistently focusing on YOUR effort. What you have control over, is what wins the game. Adapting this to your business means knowing that nothing is gained by pausing before you make that call because you aren’t sure if the prospect will say yes. Or  holding yourself back because you aren’t sure what the outcome will be. Consistently focus on YOUR effort and the rest will fall in to place…every time!

“We create a standard for how we want to do things and everyone has to buy in to it.”

Saban is an unapologetic perfectionist! (gosh, I love this guy!) He sees nothing wrong with asking for and assuming that each play be executed 100% right every.single. time. As the quarterback of the team, you must create a high standard for your team, encourage them to have pride in performance, and lead them to victory.

One of the biggest reasons why teams and businesses do not reach their ultimate goal or achieve that BIG win is because they don’t set their standards high enough – they’re ok with the ok. That’s no way to become a champion and “…everyone has to buy in to it.” period. You hearing me?

“High achievers don’t like mediocre people and mediocre people don’t like high achievers.”

Saban would never dare put ho-hum and uninspired athletes on his team.  His demands of perfection and consistency have proved winning for years (just look at his record 168-57-1). In business, surrounding yourself with kick-ass business people with amazing track records and an un-quenching thirst for victory (hello, Spark and Hustle #BBFs!). This will lead you to the great success you’re working so hard for!

So, can you see why I am in love with this guy? Check out his 60 Minutes interview…I promise 4 minutes in to it you will be just as enamored as I.  Thump, thump, thump…my heart skips beats!

If you are looking to get you or your teams mind right, kick mediocrity and low standards out of your locker room, give me a call.

We’ll get you there! Roll Tide Roll….


It doesn’t matter that I have over 25 years of experience in sales and business training or that I fall asleep with Entrepreneur magazine on my face while Shark Tank blares loudly in the background. What matters is my heart, passion, and obsession with entrepreneurs.

Growing up my mother instilled a, “if you don’t like it, fix it” attitude in me. After working in the sales and business training area I knew it was time to heed my mother’s motto. And never one to do anything half-way, I left my cushy lifestyle in the corporate world and made it my life’s mission to coach entrepreneurs on how to implement a real, measurable, game plan for long-term sustainable success.

With a tailored, progressive timeline for growth and expansion, I help solepreneurs to make the leap, very much like the same one she took, to full-fledge blooming enterprise. My clients have been on the Today Show, Wendy Williams, Good Morning America, MSNBC, The Dr. Oz Show, Fox Business News and published in Success Magazine, The Huffington Post , CBS Moneywatch, the New York Times and more.

When I’m not speaking at conferences or training corporations and organizations, I’m chasing my adorable granddaughter, Miss Eliza, or hanging by the pool with my husband Randy and our two cats…wine in hand!